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iCure Documentation

iCure is a SaaS solution that helps you launch your fully compliant medical solution faster and cheaper in months, not years. iCure ensures the privacy of your patient medical data thanks to trustable end-to-end encryption, that empowers your users to decide who can access their data.

iCure accelerates development cycle, simplifies secure sharing of medical information and makes the app standards ready. Whether you need to speak FHIR, LOINC, SNOMED CT, IHE XDS or whether you do not even know what those acronyms mean, we make sure that your solution will thrive in an interoperable Healthcare ICT environment.

Boilerplate app quick start

Boilerplate App

Use our template to start up your project integrating our MedTech or EHR-Lite SDK. You will be ready to try the functionalities of our APIs in a matter of minutes.

Quick start
Sample App illustration

Sample App

Explore Petra, our sample app, to discover all the functionalities offered by iCure. Learn from a working example of a patient-oriented medical app.

Discover Petra

EHR Lite SDK Docs

The EHR Lite SDK provides you with a series of services and functionalities focused on creating EHR solutions, collecting patient data, and store it encrypted in our cloud or on your premises. Do not be fooled by the Lite in the title, the EHR lite SDK provides you with the full power of iCure, packaged in a startup friendly set of tools for building innovative Electronic Health Records solutions.

Explore the SDK Docs

Medical Device SDK Docs

The MedTech SDK provides you a series of services and functionalities focused on managing medical information gathered from medical devices or provided by the patient himself, and store it encrypted in our cloud or on your premises.

Explore the SDK Docs

Cockpit Docs

The cockpit is a web platform that allows you to manage easily the apps, users and databases that you need to work with the iCure SDK.

Explore the Cockpit Docs

iCure API

The iCure API is the cloud component to which the SDKs connect

Information about our API releases