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What is iCure Cockpit ?

The iCure Cockpit is the Web Management application that lets you create data stores, manage users and authentication settings and processes.

iCure is a trustable service ensuring the privacy of your patient medical data thanks to end-to-end encryption, meaning your users are the only ones who decide who can access their data.

Cockpit Web Portal

This documentation is focusing on the iCure Cockpit Web Portal SDK, which lets you manage your iCure environment from A to Z. Cockpit is the tool that will help you as a developer to configure / manage your environment.

In Cockpit, you will be able for example to:

  • Link each of your solution to an iCure environment
  • Manage databases of each of your solutions
  • Manage the administrators
  • Manage your users
  • Check the logs generated in iCure concerning your solutions / databases
  • ...

Starting to use Cockpit

In the how-to section, you will find more detailed information on how to use Cockpit to perform the most common tasks.