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What is iCure for EHR Lite ?

iCure is a trustable service ensuring the privacy of your patient medical data thanks to end-to-end encryption, meaning your users are the only ones who decide who can access their data.

iCure acts as a complete backend for your EHR solution and provides you with a very flexible data model that provides a high level of customisation while guaranteeing that interoperability in standard formats like FHIR will be straightforward.

iCure helps you manage the encrypted data by providing a series of easy-to-use tools :

  • The iCure API allows you to save your data into the databases and manage the access control to it based on the access rules you defined in your app.
  • The iCure Cockpit Web Portal allows you to create your solutions, your databases and your admin users in your iCure environment.
  • The iCure Client SDKs takes care of the end-to-end encryption / decryption of your data and proposes you a series of easy-to-use medical-oriented services.
  • The Interoperability components helps you to connect with external services by mapping the iCure Data Model to standard models like FHIR.


This documentation is focusing on the iCure , tailored for the creation of EHR (Electronic Health Record) solutions.

The SDK provides you a series of services and functionalities to help you manage medical information gathered from doctors, medical devices or provided by the patient himself, and store it encrypted in our cloud or on your premises.

Supported development platforms

For now, iCure can be used with Node, React and React Native.

Experimental versions of the SDKs are available for Flutter and native Android/iOS development. You can request access to them by contacting us through our support portal.

Starting to use iCure

To hit the ground running, you can head to our quick-start or our tutorials section.

In the how-to section, you will find more detailed information on how to use the SDKs to perform the most common tasks.

The explanation section contains more in-depth information on how iCure works and how data is organised, secured and stored.

The reference section contains the full documentation of the SDKs and the API.