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Init your iCure solution

In order to be able to register users through Petra, you will need to create an iCure solution in Cockpit.

It's in this solution and its dedicated database(s) that the data created with Petra will be stored.


In this section, we'll only cover the most important steps / information of the create solution process. You can find the detailed procedure here.

Create an iCure solution for Petra

After you registered or signed in on Cockpit, go to the Dashboard page.

Click on "Create a Solution". You should now see a series of steps to complete.

Go through each of them, providing the mandatory information. During this process, make sure to:

  • Provide a Friendly-Captcha Secret Key (or use the DEMO Setup provided temporarily by iCure);
  • Create an EMAIL authentication template (or use the DEMO Setup proposed by iCure);

Once it's done, you will receive a series of information on the Recap screen:

  • the EXTERNAL_SERVICES_SPEC_ID, identifying your Solution in our Authentication component;
  • the EMAIL_AUTHENTICATION_PROCESS_ID, identifying the email template to send to your users during their registration or login;
  • the PARENT_ORGANISATION_ID, identifying your organization as the responsible of the created users.
  • the FRIENDLY_CAPTCHA_SITE_KEY, if you chose to use the Friendly-Captcha temporarily provided by iCure.

We'll now integrate those in the Petra App.

Provide your iCure solution information in Petra

Go to the root of your project and create a .env file where you will include the following environment variables:


with the information you received during the initialization of your iCure solution on Cockpit.


If you provided your own Friendly-Captcha, just update the value of the FRIENDLY_CAPTCHA_SITE_KEY with the site key of your own Friendly-Captcha.

We can now head to the next chapter of our tutorial, focusing on Authentication !