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In this page, you will find the most common issues encountered by our users and the approaches to solve them.

Could not decrypt X with user Y

If you happen to get this error while getting an entity with encrypted information, such as a Patient or a DataSample, this means that your current user does not have a delegation for it. You can add a delegation for a user following the steps described in Sharing data between data owners. You may also be interested in Sharing data automatically with other data owners.

I cannot create an entity

The creation of some types of entities, such as Patients, Codings, or HealthcareParties is restricted to users that are either Admins or HealthcareParties. Please consult our References and check that your current user has the correct permissions.

I want my user to access from another device

The procedure to allow a user to log in from a device where they do not have their private key is analogous to the one to follow when the user lost their private key.

My user lost his private key

The private key of the user is not stored anywhere in the iCure solution. So, if the user loses it, there are no means to recover it. However, it is possible to create a new key for the user and give them access back to their data. The whole procedure is explained in the What if my user lost their private key? page.

You did not find the solution to your problem? You can open an issue on our GitHub repository or open a ticket on our CSM.